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Faq, questions and answers about Red5 Poker roulette

What is red5 poker ?
Red5 poker is a webcam real time poker based on the roulette chat. It is 1 to 1 peer2peer hold'em poker flex application.

is it free ?
Yes it is free and open source: you can download it, install it on your server, do whatever you want.

DO I need to register ?
No registration required to play it ! Just enter your username: that's all.

Can I have source code ?
Absolutly: it is open source, so you can download the source code. you are free to use it or modify it.

What are the restrictions of the source code ?
No restrications.

How to start the game ?
Just press the start game button (top right)

Why is it call a roulette poker ?
because it works like chat roulette: it chooses randomly a player.

I don't know flex or red5...
we can do the job for you: please contact us and send us your technical requirements

More questions ?
So please use contact form.