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6 Tips to Select the Best Online Poker Website in 2019

The online poker world comprises all kinds of poker sites with various play platforms such as Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and other poker games. But by using the parameters given here and choosing wisely, you can pick the best online poker site.


This article serves as a guideline for you to choose the best online poker site that plays for real money.


#1. Hunt down the best welcome bonuses

Players who receive bonuses at new casinos online actually receive free money for playing the fascinating game of poker. However, choosing the right bonus isn’t easy. It’s important to find a bonus that you can clear. If you’ve decided to play as often as possible at high stakes, the larger bonuses will suit you best. On the other hand, for casual players, small bonuses will suit them best. 

#2. Look for sites that attract a lot of players

One of the top criteria for the best online poker website is to see the volume of traffic it gets. Special attention should be paid to see the number of tables running in games and the kind of stakes that might interest you.


Ensure that there’re a lot of people playing when you want to play some hands. If you prefer to play tournaments, ensure there are sufficient number of entrants who can generate good cash prizes for the winners.


#3. Does it run on easy-to-use software?

Diehard poker players will always look out for table software that’s not just appealing to the eyes but also easy to use. This translates to your site having large and uncluttered buttons, easily identifiable for its function.


You might want to insert flashy animations too, but see that it doesn’t detract from the player’s attention to the game. For software that players will appreciate, you might want to consider the Microgaming platform for being easy to install and quick to download, besides also offering a streamlined game.


When playing poker online, the visuals are a big draw. Not only can tables be resized but they can also be compressed to show up very high quality graphics. This will help you play to a maximum of 16 tables simultaneously!


#4. Reputation and Regulation of Online Poker Room

Considering you’re putting down good money to play poker, you would be looking for a trusted company that will neither harm your money nor part with your personal information. So, if you are going to play with real money, you need to check the following things.


Check if the site is licensed to operate. If you cannot find information on the site regarding this, don’t trust it. However, if you do find that it is licensed, see how they handle transactions and information. Ensure that it is safeguarded with SSL encryptions and other modern technologies which keeps your data coded and safe.


Another indication that the site is reputed is the professional reputation of the company owning the site or that of the operator. It’s not uncommon to find European poker sites being supported by sports betting companies which are too big to do anything that will ruin their professional reputation. This keeps them on the straight and narrow and your money safe.


#5. Trustworthiness

To be able to trust a site is a huge plus. Nothing matters on a poker website if you can’t withdraw your funds when you want to. If you come across an offer that sounds unbelievable, it probably is and you should keep miles away from it.


But a few good ways of testing the trustworthiness of a poker site are:



#6. Good customer support 

Customers might never think they need customer support, but it always helps to have a customer support department. It is highly likely that at some time, you or any other customer, will face some problems with your online poker site for which you will need some customer support. If there is a helpful, knowledgeable and courteous customer support team at a poker website, it can help you win big and be awarded cash prizes.


Concluding Remarks

Finding the best online poker site can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are online resources that will help ease the process. With the help of these resources and the information presented here, it can be a less difficult task for you to zero in on the best online poker website 2019 that encompasses your frequency of play, your play style and volume of poker play.